Monday, 18 June 2012

Helpful Facilitator Questions

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Helpful Questions that can be asked by the Facilitator

By asking these sorts of ‘Socratic’ questions during the session, your students will develop their own ideas more thoroughly and will learn to challenge others with similar questions.

Questions that seek clarification

Can you explain that...?
What do you mean by that...?
Can you give me an example...?
How does that help...?
Does anyone have a question...?

Questions that probe reasons and evidence

Why do you think that...?
How do we know that...?
What are your reasons…?
Do you have evidence...?
Can you give me an example / counter example...?

Questions that explore alternative views

Can you put it another way...?
Is there another point of view...?
What if someone were to suggest that...?
What would someone who disagreed with you say...?
What is the difference between those views / ideas…?

Questions that test implications and consequences

What follows (or can we work out from) what you say...?
Does it agree with what was said earlier...?
What would be the consequences of that...?
Is there a general rule for that...?
How could you test to see if it was true...?

Questions about the question / discussion

Do you have a question about that...?
What kind of question is it...?
How does what was said / the question help us...?
Where have we got to/ who can summarise so far...?
Are we any closer to answering the question / problem...?

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